Seaweed Harvest Holland B.V. is a cooperation between Spennekot Group, (producer of Dutch seaweed products), and Your Well (wholesaler in products based on European seaweeds) and was founded in 2015. Since 2017 Seaweed Harvest Holland has been supported by the Zeeland Participation fund.


Most of the  seaweed, or macroalgae, available in the European market is grown in Asia. But also in Europe there are possibilities to grow seaweed. The Wageningen University, specialized in food, did successful tests with growing seaweed in the Oosterschelde/Eastern Scheldt a former estuary in the province of Zeeland, the Netherlands and well known for it’s clean water and aquaculture projects (like oysters and mussels). Seaweed Harvest Holland is licensed now to grow seaweed in the Eastern Scheldt.


Seaweed Harvest Holland’s mission is to cultivate in an innovative and sustainable way all year long seaweed on different locations in the Eastern Scheldt and also to reproduce, process and trade the cultivated seaweed. The seaweed will be offered to health food and organic stores, fish and specialty shops, supermarkets, restaurants, feed and fertilizing manufacturers, processing industry and export. The ultimate goal: Everyone, every day some seaweed!


Seaweed Harvest Holland was nominated in February 2018 for the Rabobank Sustainable Innovation Award and awarded in november 2018 with the Zeeland Pioneering Prize




Seaweed is a source of iodine, other minerals, vitamins, fibres, protein, oxygen and  energy. Because of those many qualities seaweed has many applications (food, feed, hydrocolloids, skincare, biofuel, medicines, bioplastics and industrial additives). Seaweed could also be a solution to the protein problem that will arise the next 30 years: Seaweed contains a relatively high percentage of protein and that could be an excellent alternative for animal protein. For supplying the world population with protein out of algae, some scientists say, one should have a surface in sea that is only 4 times as big as the country of Portugal. Seaweed can be grown in sea or ocean, in a very sustainable way without any fertilizers. Because of this all the (commercial) interest in seaweed is growing.fast.


Summarizing: Seaweed can be cultivated in a sustainable way, it can be used in many ways and fits perfectly in different food trends:


  • Eat clean (vegetarian/vegan, authentic kitchen, pure tastes)
  • Slow carb (products wilt a low glycaemic index)
  • Free from (glutes, sodium, sugar, lactose)
  • Superfoods (rich in essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins)
  • Local (products from the region)


Seaweed Harvest Holland’s aqua culture activities go well together with the long history of agriculture of the Netherlands, being one of the world’s largest exporters of agriculture products.


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